News 2016

Audrey - Champion of Finland & Finnish Winner'2016!!!

International show Helsinki Winner'2016, Helsinki: 

Laguna Love Audrey Hepburn judged by Jari Partanen (NO) became Champion of Finland!!!


International show Finnish Winner'2016, Helsinki: 
Audrey judged by Leni Finne (FIN) got CACIB, BOO and became FINNISH WINNER'2016!!!


We had a very special meeting with our babies Tauno 'A Beautiful Mind Golightly' and Eukko 'Art Of Love Golightly' and their amazing families in Finland! Big thanks to our trip company for the excellent weekend!


Audrey - Champion of Poland!


International show in Kielce, Poland, 4 curlies entered:
Laguna Love Audrey Hepburn CAC, CACIB & BOB, judged by Stanislaw Firlik (PL)! Now Drju is Champion of Poland!

Kielce, Poland, Day 2:
Laguna Love Audrey Hepburn got CAC, CACIB & BOB, judged by Petra Junehall (SE)!

Audrey has got her working diploma!!!


Dreams come true - Audrey passed retrievers qualifying test today!!!! Thank you so much to judge Ari-Pekka Fontell from Finland and all greatest support team!

Golightly A litter

More information about Gibbs and Audrey's puppies here

Welcome to the world, babies!


Gibbs and Audrey became parents of 10 strong black babies, 6 girls and 4 boys! Happiness is here! 

Audrey is pregnant!!!

After our trip to Dortmund in the middle of April, we now know that 'GIBBS' Zonnekoning van Elegast & 'AUDREY' Laguna Love Audrey Hepburn waiting for puppies around the end of June! 

Love's first JCAC in Latvia


Our Vitalight Because I Love You 'LOVE' got first JCAC and became Best female-2 at NDS Talsi (LV), judged by Tatiana Burdina (RUS) and beautifully handled by her owner Solvita Dreimane! We are proud of you, dear girls!!!

Blossom - new Baltic Junior Champion!


Our princess Vitalight Blossom Of Love won a junior class, was JBOB and Best female-1 with BOO in Rakvere, Estonia, judged by Rita Kadike Skadina
Now Blo is Lithuanian and Baltic Junior Champion!!!

Vitalight achievements in Lithuania


Our spotted kids participated at NDS in Lithuania, judged by Plamen Cholakov (BG):

Vitalight Blossom Of Love 'BLOSSOM' - JCAC, JBOB, BOB and became Lithuanian Junior Champion! 
Vitalight Be My Joy 'BRUT' - JCAC, JBOO, BOO!

Retrievers Specialty show


Great day at the Retrievers Specialty show! Judge: Tuus Van Adrichem Boogaert-Kwint (Holland), 102 retrievers entered:

Laguna Love Audrey Hepburn 'Audrey' LV Club Winner'2016, Best Of Breed & BISS-3!



Laguna Love Andrea Accent 'Andrea' LV Club Winner'2016, Best Of Opposite

Double success for our Blossom!


International Dog shows in Riga, judges Jan Coppens (NL) and Lilianne De Ridder-Oghena (BE):


BOTH DAYS our Vitalight Blossom Of Love was recognized as BEST OF BREED!!! Also Blo became Latvian Junior Champion and got Crufts Qualification for 2017!

Valmiera National shows


Our dalmatian kids had their debut in junior class!

Vitalight Be My Joy 'BRUT' - JCAC, Valmiera JW'16, Best male-2 Смайлик «heart»Смайлик «heart»

Vitalight Blossom Of Love 'BLOSSOM' 
20.02- JCAC, Valmiera JW'16, Best female-2
21.02 - JCAC, Best female-1, BOB, BIG-1!!! 

Vitalight B-litter kids are 9 months old!!! 


Audrey - TOP-7 among all breeds & TOP-1 among group VIII of the 2015 in Latvia!

Daugavpils National shows


 So proud of our dalmatian kids at NDS in Daugavpils! 

Vitalight Be My Joy (Brut) - BOB puppy, shortlisted to TOP-8 among 25 puppies!!!
Vitalight Because I Love You (Love) - BOO puppy!

Vitalight Because I Love You (Love) - BOB puppy, shortlisted to TOP-8 among 25 puppies!!!
Vitalight Be My Joy (Brut) - BOO puppy!

Way to go, spotted babies and owners Solvita and Dana!

Audrey also had a great start of the new show year!
BOB & BEST IN GROUP-3, judged by Kostadin Shankov! Thank you!